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2005 - NOW

The ministry of BUgirl began in 2005 with teams of young women travelling across Canada and the northern USA to host beach and pajama parties for adolescent girls.  With music, theatre, games and food, the events were designed to let girls know that the God who created them loves them deeply just the way they are, that they matter, and that they are unique and have valuable gifts to offer the world.


But, Canada is a really big country…


So we changed our approach and BUgirl is now a more media-based ministry. Our TV show is streamed on CASTLE ( which is a FREE streaming service available in Canada and it also airs Canada wide on FAITH TV on Wednesdays at 4:30 CT.  The shows are theme based and include testimonies from young women together with music, drama, dance, slam poetry and more.  The TV episodes are also available on-line under the Episode & Resource section, along with teaching resources that can be tailored to suit the age and maturity level of your group. 
Our webisodes available on our YouTube channel use various skits, scripture, teaching, and a bit a humour to reach girls where they are at, and hopefully draw them into a relationship with Jesus! Teaching resources to accompany the various series found on the YouTube channel are available in our Episode & Resource section!

Our hope is that English speaking young women world-wide – in urban centers or isolated communities – will be able to access the core of the BUgirl message:  that God loves you right now, right here, and longs to be in relationship with you through Jesus Christ!


BUgirl is a ministry of Square One World Media.

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