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Watch the special one hour premiere of the Beautiful Unique Girl show that combines creative teaching and personal experiences with performance art for a compelling approach to the issues facing teen girls today.  Introducing Heather Boersma as the host and offering sneak peaks of a variety of women who will share their stories throughout the season, the Premiere Episode highlights the topics of Bullying, Identity, Gossip, Depression and Intimacy.  Beautiful Unique Girl is being aired on Hope TV Monday’s at 4:00 pm CST.

Host Heather Boersma offers teaching on the topic of bullying out of her own personal experience.  Nikki, Sangeetha and Chelsea share their stories of being bullied and how they came to accept the healing truth of the way God sees them.  In a courageous interview, Bethany speaks of her regret of having been a bully: how she tried to make things right but realized she could not undo the pain she caused to others.  The Bullying Episode includes portions of drama and performances by singer songwriter Kaylyn Holmes and by soul singer Flo, a Western Canadian Music Award winner.  

In a beauty-obsessed and beauty-confused world, host Heather Boersma explains that women cannot do anything to add or detract from God's image inside of them which makes them shine and makes them beautiful.  The Identity episode includes interviews with Raelynn (a model who challenges society's standards of beauty and chooses instead to surrender to the purpose God has placed in her heart) and Kaylyn (a singer/songwriter and former BUgirl intern who discovered that the music that was always present with her is actually something beautiful that God uniquely placed inside of her).

The Bible says that the tongue has the power of life and death; that the spoken word can either lift up or destroy another person.  Host Heather Boersma uses Jesus as an example of a true friend who offers unconditional acceptance, and she encourages girls to invest the time to develop deep and lasting friendships.  Tannis shares about a time when her choice to gossip devastated a group of friends, and how she learned to be a better kind of friend.  Tasha shares how a friend's intervention became a life-line for her.  The Gossip and Friendship Episode includes Voices from the Street, as well as performances from a high school drama group.

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